Our Story

Amie Harris and Tal Crews are native to Winston-Salem, NC. They have developed a sound and writing style that is truly unique. Their ability to connect and resonate with each other on stage is nothing short of inspiring, and their quirky charisma will take care of the rest.

Growing up in such a musical family, they were strongly urged to frequent the stage and share their talents.  Music shaped and permeated their lives as young adults, and their authentic sound surfaced shortly after high school. You can feel their deep-rooted sibling link in the way their voices blend and complement each other, at the same time playing with the contrast that highlights their individuality.

Amie's voice has an emotional honesty that comes through in her rich tones and soulful expression. Her commitment to the character of each song engages and satisfies the listener. Tal's rugged, yet playful vocals provide a unique contrast that gives their sound an edgy freedom. Their music is uplifting, and their writing supports an overall positive change in the way we think about ourselves and each other. 

"We have several upcoming live events, and are excited about new opportunities to share our music.  We truly value the support of our fans, and we want to be personally engaged with the community that sustains our creative expression. Please reach out and contact us if  you are interested in being a part of our musical family. Sign up for our email list to stay in touch, and keep on the lookout for new recordings and posts on our blog." 

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