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You've Made It, Welcome!

HOLD IT! Warning! Before you go any further, you might want to get up and shake that thing. Go on, get up and loosen them hips. The responsible listener should prepare oneself for a wide range of reactions. Side effects can often include Increased Heart-to-Heart Connections, A rapid decrease in your Stress Deposits, and an overall sense of wellbeing. 
Proceed at your own risk

Your Mother Should Know 

"Your Mother Should Know" : We're sure our mother didn't know that we fancied ourselves a MAGICIAN and a MOVIE STAR before now! Had a lot of fun with this song : )

Previous events

Tal & Amie @ Megan's House Concert

Megan's House

An intimate gathering in a cozy setting, hosted by our dear friend Megan Shufford. This is a donation based event! We perform for a select group of listeners at these events, each personally invited by the gracious host! Please contact us if you are interested in hosting, or know of someone who would like to host their own House Concert. We thrive off of the intimate experience this allows us to share with our supportive community. It is truly a unique experience and we are excited to offer these concerts of a frequent basis!